Sherwood Street

Location: 1 Sherwood Street, London, W1F 7BL
Client: Erith Group
WORK UNDERTAKEN: Installation of site temporary welfare services

MAG Properties Services Ltd was commissioned by Erith Group to conduct all electrical and mechanical decommission to the 1 Sherwood Street project.

The first part of the works was to conduct surveys of all the individual buildings services and to identify the services required to be isolated and which required retaining.  In conjunction to the survey the requirement for a welfare location to be installed and constructed.

The welfare location required laying new flooring, installing kitchen unit’s for canteen space and offices, and to provide power and lighting to adapt to the existing building services.

The electrical decommissioning works required isolating and making safe all outgoing electrical services to the building from the main LV room. This works required tracing electrical services to the main LV and isolating and identifying any service which required retaining.

The mechanical decommissioning consisted of isolating and purging the internal gas pipework from the incoming gas meter, isolating and draining down of the internal building mechanical wet systems, decommissioning of AC system and decommissioning the redundant generator fuel tanks. The sprinkler system was identified to be servicing several of the buildings which required retaining. Works were conducted to carry out freezing of several of the sprinkler legs which serviced the buildings, to enable dismantling and demolition. This required specialist nitrogen freezing of the pipework to enable draining down pipework, whilst keeping the sprinkler service live to other buildings and capping off the supply.

The installation of temporary mechanical and electrical services required providing power for cranes, transformers, lighting and numerous activities on site. Mechanically services were required to install dust suppression system and water service for diamond drilling, concrete saw cutting, asbestos supplies and numerous other activities.

In all MAG Properties Services Ltd provided the full range of specialist decommissioning service to isolate and make safe the site. With also getting the site ready and installing the site requirements, to ensure the site was fully functional and able to provide all aspects of a modern construction site needs.

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