MAG Properties Services Ltd specialise in delivering dedicated decommissioning and site temporary service installation. Supplying a trusted and reliable service to market leaders and individual contractors alike.

MAG Properties services Ltd is committed to providing a quality product. Our QMS ISO 9001 2015 certification, ensure the management structure and procedures set out are consistently monitored, reviewed and audited. This assures compliance and builds on the lessons learnt to progressively build and grow with the changes in a diverse and modern workplace.

The commitment set out by the board of director is to ensure corporate and social responsibility. We deliver this commitment to all sector of our works, assuring a supply chain which meets environmental, economic, social and most imperatively health and safety aspects.

MAG Properties services Ltd is committed to providing training to all staff. Our experienced engineers supervise and engage our apprentices and new staff, to ensure they have the understanding and skills to problem solve and conduct all works that they are put to task to undertake.

MAG Properties service Ltd holds a licensed waste storage facility and operates with upper tier carriers licensed. This ensures all compliance set out by environmental legislation. MAG operates under the ISO 14001 standard and ensures an integrated environmental management system which is monitored, reviewed and audited. Our developed supply chain can meet all your needs and requirements for your sites.