Ethics Policy

The purpose of this document is to enforce the fact That MAG Properties Services Ltd. Is Devoted and engaged in ensuring that a criteria is met to run operations and business in general.

The basic human rights of all MAG employees and associated subcontractors and suppliers are taken into account, and that MAG Properties services Ltd work to the guidelines set out in current legislation of The Human rights Act 1998. Opportunities that we provide at MAG properties Services ltd are based upon an individual’s experience and level of training. Are employees, subcontractors and people we seek to employ all have equal opportunities to develop skills and progress in training to deliver a high standard of service to our clients. To achieve our goal of creating equality and diversity within the work place. MAG work force is constantly monitored and reviewed to ensure arrangement are put in place to guarantee individuals have the necessary information and training to conduct works effectively with no breech to third party customers and residents. This is to ensure all rights of individual have been considered and action is taken to work with are partners to make sure an effective and quality system of procedures are conducted.

Worker’s rights, MAG properties Service ltd ensure all MAG employees have consented to the work in which is undertaken in general operations. The work conducted is monitored and review for purposes of health and safety and task specific PPE is provided to all employees. The level of work being conducted by employees and subcontractors means they are trained and qualified in the role they are performing. MAG properties services ltd ensure current legislation is being upheld and procedure are put in place to work towards the guidelines set out in the Employment Rights Act 1996.

At MAG Properties Service Ltd we are devoted to ensuring a commitment to the environment, we control are effects on the environment through are EMS in which we work towards standards set out in ISO Environmental 14001.

To support conformity to current legislation and regulations for works carried out by MAG Properties Services ltd. Information regarding the standards for operations conducted is held for all MAG employees to conform to. MAG properties Services is connected to and registered to Institution and organisation to ensure standards and regulations are fully committed to. To endeavour and ensure conflicts of interest are dealt with MAG Properties Services Ltd are committed to investigating any miss conduct or inappropriate act in which involve any MAG employee, Subcontractor or supplier.

Fraud and bribery is taken extremely seriously at MAG Properties Services Ltd. Directors take a zero tolerance attitude towards fraud and bribery matters, the result in which would see in severe cases employees removed from contract or disciplinary action will be taken considering the accusations and effects of those who have taken part or the individual in question.

MAG Properties Service ltd are devoted to controlling and monitoring its processes, to ensure the Ethics of the company are continually performed and the rights of all individuals and the commitment to the environment is considered with all ongoing operations.