MAG Properties Services Ltd, provide a wide range of environmental work from COSHH collection, Fuel tank decommissioning, AC decommissioning, fire suppression decommissioning, environmental clean operation an many more. The environmental works conducted is carried out by trained professionals and the works conducted is set out to ensure minimal risk to health and minimal impact on the environment.

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Fuel Tank Decommissioning

MAG provides a trained and efficient team to remove, clean and gas free your redundant fuel storage tanks. Our qualified confined space entry operatives ensure...

AC Decommissioning

Whether it’s a domestic fridge or a complex chiller system servicing numerous ac appliances. MAG provides qualified and experienced FGAS engineers to ensure the decommissioning...

Fire suppression system

Many buildings now contain fire suppression devices. Fire suppression systems are mainly installed to service data rooms, highly charged electrical equipment and commercial kitchens appliances....

COSHH removal

When it comes to handling and transporting your hazardous waste materials from the site. MAG provides trained and competent staff to collect and transport your...

Environmental Clean Operations

MAG provides a specialised cleaning service to deal with a variety of hazardous environments. MAG provides a trained and fast responding team to deal with...

Fire Extinguisher removal and disposal

All types of fire extinguishers are recyclable, and MAG can organize the collection and recycling of all extinguishers whether they are partly used, empty or...

Fluorescent Tube Recycling

MAG offers a popular economical and environmentally friendly option to dispose of all your fluorescent tubes. The UK Environment Agency deemed that Fluorescent Tubes are...

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